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Kagisho is an Associate in the litigation department at our Bloemfontein branch. He specialises in general litigation, with a focus on Opposed National Credit Act related matters. His practice also includes labour matters, urgent interdicts and debt collection in both the Magistrate’s and High Court.

Kagisho commenced his legal career in 2012 as Judges’ Clerk to the former Judge President of the Free State High Court and current Justice in the Supreme Court of Appeal, Honourable Madam Justice Molemela.

He is also a Member of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL)

Arbitration & Mediation

Mediation is the art of finding an amicable solution for two opposing parties in such a way that the solution can be implemented practically.

Mediation and arbitration can be utilized in a variety of ways in order to achieve settlement in a more structured form than would be the case by means of ordinary negotiation.

The professional mediators at Symington De Kok are committed to resolving problems in a cost-effective manner.
Criminal Matters

Criminal law refers to the body of rules, statutes and regulations that govern social conduct between the State and all its subordinates within the determined jurisdiction.

It is very important to note that criminal law does not always refer to the most common crimes, such as theft and assault, but also regulates any statutory penalties in terms of a specific act, which might be applicable to a client’s business or livelihood. At Symington De Kok we ensure that full knowledge pertaining to any contravention of such penalty, is gathered and the full extent of the risks are provided to our clients.

Furthermore we pride ourselves in providing the correct advice in order to avoid or rectify a potential punishable act.

Our experts have full and proper knowledge of the criminal justice system pertaining to all such matters from governing tribunals to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

In any situation that might cause any penalties or risks, Symington De Kok will assist our clients to protect their rights and to find the most amicable solutions.
Debt Collections

Symington De Kok utilizes the latest advanced electronic collection centre technology to assist clients with the collection of outstanding debts.

When a client hands over a debtor's book, it is analysed in detail before a decision is taken with regards to the strategy to be followed to collect the debt using the most cost effective method with due regard to the needs of the client.

Computer programs have been developed to enable the firm to handle large volumes of matters quickly and cost effectively.

The collection of bad debt is a necessity for the existence, profit and success of any enterprise.

Symington De Kok can provide you with solutions for turning bad debt into cash flow.
Employment Law & Labour Relations

Our employment and labour law team has handled general employment, labour law, individual employment and employment litigation matters.

We represent and assist clients at the Department of Labour, the Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), Bargaining Councils and Labour Court proceedings.

The firm is qualified to defend claims of employment discrimination, harassment, unfair labour practice, reduction and retrenchment, employment equity (affirmative action), confidentiality and restraint of trade and alternative dispute resolution.
Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation is the use of a legal method accompanied by judicial oversight with which disputes between two opposing parties are resolved.

Dispute Resolution on the other hand seeks the same outcome and effect as litigation but provides an alternative method where judicial oversight is absent, in order to conclude an action and resolve disputes in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

Symington De Kok offers a wide range of methods to assist our clients with whatever disputes they might face.

We pride ourselves in our legal expertise relating to both litigation and dispute resolution and we are committed to finding a solution that fits.