Brave New World: Virtual Boardrooms In Cyberspace

One of the innovations brought in by our “new” Companies Act is that company meetings may now be held via electronic communication, opening the door for companies to use cyber services such as email, online messaging, voice and video conferencing (easy with services like Skype, SightSpeed, iChat etc) to replace traditional “face-to-face all in one… View Article

Signed Surety On A Bond? Manage Your Risk!

“Buy land – they’ve stopped making it” (Mark Twain) Property can indeed be a great investment, just be aware that signing personal suretyship – which you will almost certainly have to do if you buy property in a company or trust with money borrowed from a bank – carries risks that you can and should… View Article

Surrendered Firearms – No State Compensation

The Supreme Court of Appeal has confirmed that, where you voluntarily surrender a firearm to the State, you are not entitled to any compensation if it is (as is the usual practice) destroyed. If on the other hand the firearm is retained by the State as being of “special value”, you may be entitled to… View Article