Construction Law

In today’s construction environment, which is renowned for its fluctuating business methods, it is important for sound construction agreements to be in place in order to protect all the relevant parties to any project, no matter how big or small.

We aim to set out a clear, balanced and enforceable set of procedures, rights and obligations which, when precisely managed and administered, protect the employer, contractor and subcontractors alike. Symington De Kok has vast experience in the field of construction law pertaining to any agreements between Government, developers, contractors, subcontractors and end-user clients. We further ensure that, when the situation arises, our clients are especially protected from any risks that might arise through non-compliance and default.

As with any building project, we strive to play an integrated part in completing any project on time with the least amount of friction between the consulting parties. Symington De Kok can render the following construction specific services:

• Any and all building contracts and agreements;
• Advising clients on any risks pertaining to any projects;
• Advising and regulating projects through paymasters;
• Any arbitration and/or litigation pertaining to construction agreements.

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