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Giles is practicing as attorney, conveyancer and notary. He specialises in all legal property related matters including drafting and negotiating of Agreements of Sale and Lease as well as Opening of Townships Registers and Sectional Title Registers. He also specialises in the Property Development Processes which includes applications for sub-division, consolidation and Rezoning.
Commercial Law

Commercial law encompasses the body of law that regulates the rights, relations and conduct of persons or entities involved in commercial undertakings.

Before undertaking a new business venture or entering into any contractual agreements it is of the utmost importance that sound legal advice be obtained in order to ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties concerned will be regulated and protected.
Company Law & Close Corporations

Whether a business is conducted in order to generate profit, or as non-profit entity, sound advice regarding the establishment, registration and general governance thereof in terms of the law is needed.

There are different forms of business structures which can be utilized as vehicles through which to run a successful business which can limit personal liability and to make provision for growth.

At Symington De Kok our team is able to provide excellent guidance regarding all aspects of the law governing close corporations and companies, whether established or in the process thereof.
Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is a body of law which provides the legal foundation for the existence of the Republic, sets out the rights and duties of its citizens, and defines the structure of the Government.

The Constitution of South Africa is the Supreme Law of the country and the Constitutional Court is in turn the highest court of appeal in the country. The Constitutional Court has the jurisdiction to determine not only constitutional matters but also any other matter, if the Constitutional Court grants leave to appeal on the grounds that the matter raises an arguable point of law of general public importance which ought to be considered by that Court.

Symington De Kok attorneys can provide assistance and advice to clients in order to utilise the Constitution to protect and enforce their rights. Through our Litigation Department and by utilising our countrywide network of advocates and correspondents, we are able to attend to any matters related to Constitutional Law.
Construction Law

In today’s construction environment, which is renowned for its fluctuating business methods, it is important for sound construction agreements to be in place in order to protect all the relevant parties to any project, no matter how big or small.

We aim to set out a clear, balanced and enforceable set of procedures, rights and obligations which, when precisely managed and administered, protect the employer, contractor and subcontractors alike. Symington De Kok has vast experience in the field of construction law pertaining to any agreements between Government, developers, contractors, subcontractors and end-user clients. We further ensure that, when the situation arises, our clients are especially protected from any risks that might arise through non-compliance and default.

As with any building project, we strive to play an integrated part in completing any project on time with the least amount of friction between the consulting parties. Symington De Kok can render the following construction specific services:

• Any and all building contracts and agreements;
• Advising clients on any risks pertaining to any projects;
• Advising and regulating projects through paymasters;
• Any arbitration and/or litigation pertaining to construction agreements.
Conveyancing and Notarial Practice

Symington De Kok specializes in conveyancing and Notarial Practice, as well as all related matters, such as:

Drafting of Agreements of Sale, Drafting of Lease Agreements, Notarial Leases, Trusts, Ante Nuptial Contracts, Servitudes, Notarial and Conventional Bonds, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Transfers of Property documents, Cancellation of Bonds, Estate Transfers, Insolvency Transfers, Exchange and Rectification Transfers.

As well as the Opening of Townships Registers and Sectional Title Registers. All matters regarding the Property Development Processes which includes applications for sub-division, consolidation and Rezoning.
Municipal Law

Municipal Law refers to the internal law applicable to a province and/or municipal area within the country and includes the laws and regulations with not only national but provincial and local application as well.

In an era where issues pertaining to rates and taxes as well as problems relating to poor service delivery are becoming increasingly relevant, it is important to consult the applicable legislation in order to find effective solutions to the problems being experienced.

Municipal Law also includes onerous legislation applicable to properties and property developments and is it important to take note of the provisions of the applicable legislation before any development is undertaken.

Symington De Kok attorneys have vast experience in this field of law and can provide assistance to its clients on all related matters.
Property Development & Sectional Title Law

Symington De Kok specialises in all Property Development and Sectional Title related matters.

We are able to assist client’s with any aspect of this field of expertise, including: Assistance with Town planning applications such as sub-division, rezoning and/or township establishment, Negotiating, drafting and conclusion of services agreements with Municipalities, Submission of applications for development finance, Registration of all Deeds’ Office related matters, including opening of township and/or sectional title registers, Administration of all pre-sales of property and/or units within developments, including follow up service on purchasers’ finance approvals.

We are involved with various property developments across the country.