Human Resource Manager

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Human Resource Manager
Rita-Lize is the Head of the HR Department at Symington de Kok. She is responsible for all HR and training functions and specializes in all HR policies and procedures as well as designing and implementing BEE scorecard strategies. She started her career with Telkom in 1989 where she was responsible for all staff administrative functions for a workforce of approximately 450 individuals. From 2003 to 2007 she also worked for MacDonalds Transport and Coca Cola as a Salary clerk where she was responsible for all the salaries and wages.
Arbitration & Mediation

Mediation is the art of finding an amicable solution for two opposing parties in such a way that the solution can be implemented practically.

Mediation and arbitration can be utilized in a variety of ways in order to achieve settlement in a more structured form than would be the case by means of ordinary negotiation.

The professional mediators at Symington De Kok are committed to resolving problems in a cost-effective manner.