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Christie specialises in pre-legal collections. Under his guidance, during the last 19 years our debt collection center has grown in stature in the field of pre-legal collection.
The firm has developed a system of profiling delinquent payers and can create defined workflows and strategies to match the profile of certain payment groups. This focus on the management of accounts that are in arrears consequently makes for efficient financial management.
Debt Collections

Symington De Kok utilizes the latest advanced electronic collection centre technology to assist clients with the collection of outstanding debts.

When a client hands over a debtor's book, it is analysed in detail before a decision is taken with regards to the strategy to be followed to collect the debt using the most cost effective method with due regard to the needs of the client.

Computer programs have been developed to enable the firm to handle large volumes of matters quickly and cost effectively.

The collection of bad debt is a necessity for the existence, profit and success of any enterprise.

Symington De Kok can provide you with solutions for turning bad debt into cash flow.